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You may be tempted to rent a dumpster to get rid of a lot of your junk in Irvine, CA but that involves having a dumpster sit on your property for days or weeks at a time. And you still need to toss everything into the dumpster, but not everything can go it. Instead, make the call to JUNK MISSION where we will come to you with our truck, load everything up, and then haul it away so you don’t have to deal with it any longer. Our team makes it easy with our junk removal services that will quickly load up and take away your junk from nearly anywhere.

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pile of junk ready for Junk Pickup and Junk Removal in Irvine, California

Junk Pickup and Junk Removal in Irvine, California

When you need junk removal, the first step is to contact us and give us an idea of what your junk pickup situation looks like. Do you have a bunch of furniture that you no longer need? Are you needing construction cleanup from a recent project? Even if you have an office building we can help to clean up and haul away office furniture, dividers, and other junk. This means that you can get on with the other projects that you have for the space we did junk removal on.

Not everything that we pick up is considered junk, but it is something that no longer serves a purpose for the person or organization that we get it from. We have partnered with several local organizations that will take some of these items that are still in usable condition and end up using them in their organization in different capacities. This helps to extend the useful life of the items without tossing them in a landfill.

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Cheap Junk Removal in Irvine, California

When you consider the alternatives, at JUNK MISSION, we have cheap junk removal! Not only will you not be saddled with a dumpster as an eye sore for days or weeks on end, but our team will help to load it all up in our trucks and haul it away. We help you get moving on your plans sooner, from a landlord needing to rent an apartment to a commercial space being cleaned up for a future lease and more in Irvine, California.

All you need to do to get your cheap junk removal is to call our team to schedule the junk pickup. Irvine is a master-planned city in southern Orange County, California, United States, in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The Irvine Company started developing the area in the 1960s and the city was formally incorporated on December 28, 1971. Rights-of-way for powerlines also serve as bicycle corridors, parks, and greenbelts to tie together ecological preserves. The city irrigates the greenery with reclaimed water.

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