Shed Removal in Anaheim

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Storage sheds are also an important area of a household. It stores garden tools, equipment, and items unsuitable for indoor storage. But since sheds are placed in the yard, these deteriorate because of the weather. Though some are made with durable materials, it gets old and becomes an eyesore.

Seeing your shed partially collapsed or damaged makes you want to remove it from your yard. But sheds aren’t quite easy to be removed. It must be dismantled properly, and its debris should be brought to a local landfill. Aside from being risky and dangerous, shed removal is a lot of work.

There are hauling companies that offer shed removal in Anaheim. They are experts in dismantling the sheds safely and know where the nearest local landfills are.

Reasons for Shed Removal

Sheds are not built to last a lifetime. If you own one in your yard, here are some reasons why you should have it removed.

Modern Shed Replacement

If you have a shed standing for more than 20 years, it is most likely rusty or infested with pests. Aside from the fact that it might collapse anytime, it doesn’t contribute to the overall aesthetic of your property.

You can remove your old shed and have it replaced with a more modern design. Modern sheds serve another purpose aside from being a storage area. These have more expansive spaces that can be hobby areas. 

It Is Damaged

Old sheds made of wood can easily be damaged by weather and pests. A metal shed can be damaged by rust. Aside from being dangerous to use, damaged sheds are an eyesore to a property. They do not contribute to the overall aesthetics of your property.

Some sheds have a lifespan of up to 30 years. But not all can stay sturdy and can withstand long. A damaged shed can be a breeding ground for pests, especially if not used frequently. In addition, it may build molds, which can harm your family’s health.

Additional Space

If no one uses the shed anymore, consider removing it already. Though the space where it stands looks small, it can be a small playground for toddlers, a small patio to relax on, or an extension of your garden for your landscaping hobby.

If you have limited space in your yard, having an extra space to use can add a significant change to your yard. 

Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is commonly found in roofs and cement. It is applied to metals, such as roofs, to prevent corrosion. However, asbestos imposes a risk to human health. According to a study, inhaling asbestos can lead to infections and severe lung diseases.

If the roof of your shed is made of gray material, it most likely contains asbestos. Consider removing your shed or having your roof replaced with a different material.

Process of Shed Removal

Removing a shed is a challenging task. It may also take a whole day to remove it entirely. Some of the shed’s materials have sharp edges, and its electricity and water connection should also be disconnected.

Complete The Tools You Need

Dismantling a shed may require a ladder, different tools, and safety gear. Before dismantling, ensure you have all the tools you need to avoid delays in removing your shed. You may need bolt and pipe cutters, screwdrivers, a crowbar, and a hammer. Other tools you may need will depend on the make of your shed.

Disconnect The Utility Lines

Some sheds have electrical and water lines. Turn off the circuit breaker and water valve before cutting the electrical lines and pipes. Otherwise, it may lead to electrocution and flooding. You can use the bolt and pipe cutters to disconnect the utility lines.

Start With The Windows and Doors

Dismantling a shed starts with removing windows and doors. Some windows are made of glass. Removing the fragile materials first is safer since broken glasses can cause cuts. To remove them, unscrew the hinges from the body, including the locks and catches. You will need someone to help you hold the windows and doors while dismantling them. If these have rusted, use a crowbar to remove the windows and doors.

Remove The Roof

Roofs are quite dangerous, especially if it has rusted. Use a screwdriver to remove the bolts and screws. Use a hammer to remove the nails. These should be removed one by one for safety. Once the roof has been removed, remove the roof braces located on the sides of the shed. 

Remove The Walls

Like the roof, walls can be removed using crowbars, screwdrivers, and a hammer. Some walls are made of tongue and grooves and can be removed easily. You can use your crowbar to lift the wood one by one. If the wall is attached as a whole, it is most likely nailed to the foundation of your shed. You can use the claw side of the hammer to remove the nails.

Remove The Floor Boards

You may skip this step if your shed doesn’t have one. These are nailed and fixed to the floor foundation and may need a hammer removed. 

Preparing for Shed Removal

Shed removal in Anaheim may require a demolition permit, depending on size. Check your area first to secure a demolition permit before taking it down. Make sure to confirm this first. Otherwise, you may face high costs of fines.

If you are doing the removal on your own, ensure you know the nearest local landfill. But if you are hiring a hauling company that offers shed removal in Anaheim, you need to plan it out. 

You may call Junk Missions one of the best hauling companies that service Anaheim. You may request a quote online or reach them via phone. 

Hiring Professionals for Shed Removal

Calling someone to do shed removal in Anaheim can give you a lot of benefits. They can cover the whole process for you–from securing a permit, if needed, to transport the debris. People from Junk Missions are experts in the shed removal process and know where to bring the debris for recycling and dumping.

The costs will depend on your location, the size of your shed, and the difficulty of the dismantling process. Inform the hauler about the make of your shed, utility connections, and target removal date.

You may also leave special instructions if you want to retain some debris that you can use for other projects or hire them for an additional removal service in your household. In addition, they are professionals that respect your property and your time.

Benefits of Professional Shed Removal

Hiring someone to do shed removal in Anaheim can give you a lot of benefits, from saving time to saving yourself from injury.

Save Time and Money

If you hire a shed removal in Anaheim, they will do the entire process for you. They will dismantle and haul them flawlessly away from your property. They can do the job in less than a day. It can save you time figuring out who can help you and looking for a local landfill to accept your shed’s debris.

Instead of worrying about when and how to remove the shed, you can spend your time productively working or operating your business.

Professional Service

Junk Missions finishes shed removal in Anaheim without leaving any mess in your yard. You can guarantee that the task includes a total cleanup. Dangerous materials such as broken glasses or rusty nails and roofs are removed from your property. The shed removal experts also look forward to punctuality. They finish the job within the agreed timeframe. 

In addition, they are insured, so there is no need to worry about damage expenses or accidents.

Appropriate Tools and Equipment

Because they are professionals and experts, they use the appropriate safety gear and tools in dismantling your shed. You don’t have to purchase tools that might be needed in the dismantling process. They also have a hauling truck to fit all the shed’s debris.

Safety Considerations

If you are still trying to figure out where to start or where to dump the debris, you better call a professional that offers shed removal in Anaheim. Removing on your own may be risky and incur expenses if you get into an accident. The removal process may include handling broken glasses, sharp nails and screws, and electrical connections. The unnecessary expenses from the accidents can be higher than the cost of hiring a shed removal service.

However, if you do the job yourself, ensure you wear safety goggles and durable gloves while dismantling. Pile the debris in a single area and collect all the nails and screws to avoid accidents.


Hiring a shed removal in Anaheim is more convenient than doing it alone. They take over the entire process and can finish the task even when you’re not at home. Junk Mission offers the best level of professionalism and customer service at an affordable rate. In addition, Junk Mission is also knowledgeable about sustainable disposal methods. The reusable items from the shed removal are brought to recycling facilities, while the rotten and rusted materials are brought to a local landfill for proper disposal.